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Project 1 - Permanent, Mounted Gym Projector

The CCS Gym is a wonderful building that houses a TON of activities in the life of our school. From PE, Warrior Wake Up, to Living History Days, to Fall Into Fun, to Grandparents Day, volleyball and basketball games, and class plays, our school gym is a highly valued and well used facility on our campus. We believe there is one investment we could make that would impact EACH of these areas: a permanent, mounted gym projector. 

To use a projector in the gym, we have to run cords across the gym floor, setup the tripod screen, and schedule the portable cart to be reserved for using it. All of that effort prevents us from incorporating a projector into our normal activities as a school. If we were to invest in a permanent, mounted gym projector, it would result in immediate use for a host of activities and staff that use the gym on a daily basis. 

We humbly ask for your help in securing a much needed permanent, mounted gym projector by voting for Project 1!  


Project 2 - 3D Printers for Advanced Technology

The Advanced Technology Class has been a wonderful addition to the elective offerings in our Middle School! Our students are gaining valuable experience in the areas of 3D printing and computer programming. It is really one of the most unique classes we offer on our campus.

Most of our 3D printers were purchased in 2014 and needing to be upgraded. By investing in newer, more capable 3D printers, we will ensure that our Advanced Technology Class has the equipment necessary to continue to inspire and energize the students who are signing up for this exciting course. If we receive the funding from this Lunch With Lane program, we will be able to invest in 2-3 new 3D printers that would be an immediate upgrade to our program and set us up for success for the next 2 to 3 years. 

We humbly ask for your help to improve the quality of our Advanced Technology Class by voting for Project 2!  

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