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Is 'The Partnership' Real?

February 12, 2018
By Malcolm Saxon

A recent visitor to Christ Covenant asked me how we actually partnered with our families. There is little doubt he had noticed our intentionality of displaying our school mission statement in every classroom which speaks to this partnership. His actual question is one that others have, too. The actual question is: “Is that partnership real or just a catchy sales pitch that sounds good?”

It is a fair question. We talk a lot about the partnership, the covenant between us and our families. If you look up our social media posts, you’ll see us reference it there, too.

For us, the partnership is very much real to us; it’s truly not a cliche. Yes, we are in the business of shepherding young hearts towards Christ; we desire that our students become spiritually mature to navigate the waters ahead of them in an increasingly secular culture. We also aim to provide the highest academic program in the metro Jackson area so that our students are fully capable of entering any high school after their eighth grade year with us. Our graduates are proof that our students are thriving in their pursuits after they exit our eighth grade program.

Our partnership manifests itself in many ways but a recent expansion has been our addition of the CCS Dads’ Forum.

Each month, we offer the CCS Dads’ Forum to our Christ Covenant Dads. This addition has proven to be a rich time for learning, prayer, encouragement, and fellowship. We tap a local pastor to lead discussions on pertinent topics facing men (and dads) today; we tackle topics like technology and social media as it relates to our students, where our students find significance, the Lord’s calling on our lives as dads and husbands, marriage, leading family worship in the home, prevention of spiritual burnout, etc.. It is a good time for us as men to remind ourselves of our role as pastors in the home, and how we can encourage and disciple our children through these very important years.

As a dad of four little girls, I do find it extremely valuable to send our children to a Christ-centered school, and to have them at a solid church with strong biblical teaching and fellowship. While these are good and important things, it is important that I not abdicate my role of raising my girls in the nurture and admonition of the Lord at home so that there is a unified front between church, home, and school. There are times that each of us can slip into autopilot trusting the church and school to primarily educate my children biblically.

The Bible teaches us that our kids are gifts from the Lord, and we have precious little time (18 years) to prepare them for the rest of their lives. These forums have provided me an opportunity to connect with dads who are fellow strugglers; it is also a great time to be reminded of God’s grace in our lives as men and to learn from one another.

It’s hard for us to admit it sometimes, but we, as men, need help, encouragement, and some education on topics facing our children! Our CCS Dads’ Forum is one expression of our partnership with our covenant families.   

If you haven’t attended one yet, I invite you to take advantage of this opportunity! We meet in the school library on the third floor from 6:30-7:30 am once a month. I’ll even entice you to come by offering some coffee, breakfast, and an early room for any students. The dates and speakers of our next three forums include:

  • February 21 | Rev. Jeff Jordan, RUF Campus Minister at Mississippi College
  • March 21 | Rev. Ed Hartman, Minister of Missions and Outreach at First Pres.
  • April 11 | Rev. Carl Kalberkamp, Senior Pastor at Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church

And before I get an email, we have officially launched a mom’s counterpart called Warrior Moms. Stay tuned for our next Blog post that speaks to this new dimension of our partnership and their spring schedule.  

Who Influences Your Child The Most?

January 31, 2018
By Cathy Haynie

Parents? Peers? Preachers? The answer may surprise you.

Paul David Tripp says in his devotional book, New Morning Mercies, “No one is more influential in your life than you, because no one talks to you more than you do.”

Tripp makes the case that we are constantly thinking and constantly interpreting the world around us. We all have a worldview, a grid from which we see the world and make sense of our life. We all have things we believe to be true, and we make decisions about everything in our day and in our life from what we believe, from what we tell ourselves.

Self talk is extremely important to all of us, but it is not to be missed in the growing child. It is not enough for parents to influence what peer group is around their young children, or to monitor what they watch on TV, or to be sure they are hearing a Sunday School lesson. We must influence how our children think about themselves and the world around them- and ultimately what they tell themselves.

Children who grow up with true understanding that they are made in the image of God, unique and wonderfully made, with a purpose and gifts and struggles and particular looks, grow up with an assured self talk that helps them make sense of the world.

When our students are faced with tough issues like bullying, casual drug use, suicide, promiscuity, and life’s disappointments, as well as topics like creation, evolution, and salvation, they must have a strong worldview in which to think and respond- and talk to themselves.

At Christ Covenant School we want to teach children to talk to themselves with truth, with the gospel, with self care, and understanding of others. Of course our students experience strong academics, activities, athletics, and technology, but aren’t there many school choices to help achieve these goals? Worldview, however, is everything. It defines us at Christ Covenant School.

It is our pleasure to partner with our CCS parents in the Christ-centered education of their children. We invite our families to share this blog post with friends and ask that important question- As you consider your child and their future, who is partnering with you to shape the way your child will speak to themselves?

The world is ready for your children. We want to help prepare your children to be ready for the world. Come and see what a difference a distinctively Christ-centered education can make.  Please visit our Admission webpage to schedule your personal tour today.

In those moment-by-moment conversations, what are you saying to you?” (Tripp)

Why does CCS offer standardized testing?

January 22, 2018
By Suzanne Smith

CCS administers standardized tests each spring, because we want to track CCS students’ learning progress in as many different ways as possible. We do this to provide the most accurate representation of our students' academic growth. Standardized tests compare our students’ academic performance to the performance of students of the same age and grade levels across the country.

Our school uses the Terra Nova, Third Edition Achievement Test in all grade levels, and we carefully track each grade, each subject, and each student in order to work appropriately for success. Just as a well-informed report informs you of your child’s areas of strength and opportunities for improvement, the report also informs our Leadership Team of overall areas of strength and areas for improvement as a school, helping us to determine areas of emphasis.

The Big Picture

CCS achievement test scores from the past school year are excellent. We saw particularly high scores in the core subject areas of reading, spelling, language, vocabulary, and math. While such high scores are a credit to our students, teachers, and curriculum, it is also a strong credit to our partnership with you as parents. We know you are deeply committed to the academic well-being of your children, and that partnership is vital to the success of your individual students, as well as the entire program.

Noteworthy Points of Comparison from 2016-2017

Comparing National Percentile scores, CCS overall scored in the 88th percentile, meaning that CCS scored at or above the score of 88% of students nationwide.

Comparing National Percentile of the Mean NCE scores to the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), which are schools most like CCS, and our best point of comparison, CCS scores are higher than ACSI schools in the Southeast and the nation.

CCS students are classified as proficient or high-proficient across the board. We were particularly pleased to see both kindergarten and first grade as "advanced" in reading. While advanced is not uncommon for individual students, it is rare for an entire grade to receive that classification...and we earned that rating in two grades!

Our Goal

It is our goal to continue seeking excellence at Christ Covenant School and to see scores continue to remain in the proficient, high-proficient, and even advanced levels. It is exciting to see our students progressing so well in academics, but even more to see them grow in their understanding of Jesus Christ. What a blessing it will be to watch how the seeds sown in their hearts now will impact their lives forever.

What good is it for man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul? Mark 8:36

This Season of New

January 11, 2018
By Cathy Haynie

After returning from Christmas break, we find ourselves in the ‘Season of New’. A new calendar year, a new semester, new year’s resolutions, and we’ve even added some new students to our classrooms. The Fall semester was so much fun with field trips, wonderful class content, successful athletics (Go Warriors!), and quite a few special events. Backyard Blast, Back to School Night, and Fall into Fun are some of my favorites. Our teachers and leaders have been busy ensuring that everything goes as it should, that students are growing and learning and adjusting; that students are being stretched spiritually and academically.

This academic year, we’ve added more than 80 new students, a few new faculty and staff, but no new faces on our Leadership Team. Last year, our Lower School Division Head, Mrs. Jill Moran, retired after serving CCS 15 years and the education community for almost 45. Rather than filling her position, we mixed things up a bit by taking a whole school approach. Instead of focusing on each division entirely separate, we have our eyes on impacting all of the school culture, ensuring that transitions between grades and divisions are smooth and that CCS is a strong and nurturing place to learn, grow, work, minister, play, worship…

We have seen great benefits from transitioning to this whole school strategy throughout the Fall semester and look forward to the continued benefits moving forward!

Your CCS Leadership Team

How can we serve you? If you need help with a question or concern, we want you to feel sure that you know where to turn. We always encourage that you start with your child’s teacher, but if you need additional help, these leaders are here for you. If you need help or input regarding your child’s academics or classroom, contact Suzanne Smith, our Dean of Faculty and Academics. If you need help or have questions about behavior, attendance, or uniforms (things outside of the academic classroom), Malcolm Saxon, Dean of Students, is your person.

Questions about your preschooler or school readiness? Lanelle Fincher, Preschool Director

Need help with technology? Brandon Slay, Technology Director

Have an announcement for the school? Heatherly Edgar, Communications Director

Fundraising and special events? Lane Beasley, Advancement Director

Team sports and athletics question? Mark Wootton, Athletic Director

Student clubs, trips, and activities? Cheri Creel, Student Activities Director

Afterschool care and summer program? Joanna McCallister, Outback Director

Prospective family, Admissions criteria, and uniform assistance? Martha Maxey, Admissions Director

It is a joy for this group, and for me, to serve you and the CCS community. The Lord has blessed Christ Covenant School, and we are truly excited about all that is going on in the hearts and minds of our students.

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