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CCS Responds to meet needs of Hurricane victims

September 18, 2017
By Cathy Haynie

100 boxes of garbage bags, 5,000 clothes pins, 700 sponges, 1,800 cloths, 100 bottles of bug spray, and on and on it came...tables were covered with large quantities of the 16 different items needed to assemble flood buckets for families devastated by the flooding caused by hurricanes in Texas and Florida. Our CCS students brought items in by the bagful and counted (and counted again), bundled, and packed the buckets. Such enthusiasm and caring hearts! Our students are growing in their understanding that as a follower of Christ, we are called to serve others. We are thankful for the opportunity to partner with our parents and respond to this need in a way that cultivates in our students a heart for others, a desire to show the love of Christ, and a tangible way to be ministry-minded. 

Our school partnered with 3 others schools in our area through this supply drive including Mt. Salus Christian School, First Presbyterian Day School, and Hartfield Academy. Our four Christian Schools span 3 counties in the metro Jackson area. CCS focused our efforts on flood buckets for the project and collected items to assemble a combined total of 100 buckets! Each bucket is valued at approximately $70, so we are thrilled to be able to send approximately $7,000 in relief to those impacted by the hurricanes. Students brought in almost $6,000 of the needed items in just a few days. We appreciated a financial gift to to cover $500 of the additional supplies needed to complete the project, as well as $200 in discounting from our Ridgeland Lowe's. Some have asked how they still can contribute, and donations to cover the remaining $500 in supplies is an easy way!

Students in preschool through middle school brought supplies, as did our faculty and staff. The CCS 8th grade invited the 5th grade students to join them in assembling the buckets. It was fun to see our older students interacting with the younger ones as they worked in small groups together amidst 16 tables full of supplies! The buckets were filled in a certain order to get the many useful items into the buckets before sealing it with a lid. Lower school classes walked through the gym to see the bounty of supplies they had helped to collect. Some classes gathered around the assembled buckets and prayed for the families who would receive them. What a blessing it was to hear a second grader ask for God's grace upon those families receiving our donations

The buckets were collected by Active Impact International and taken to a local MNA distribution site, where they will be immediately sent to hurricane victims affected by the recent storms. We collected for victims of Harvey but have learned that some of our buckets will likely be going to Florida. We also donated a good many surplus supplies ready for efforts in Florida.

Here are a few insightful words from some of our 5th grade students about their experience serving during our Hurricane Supply Drive:

It made me feel great to know I was helping someone by bringing buckets and organizing things. I think it made them happy, because they had supplies to clean their house and to know that God cared for them. 

The people in Texas were going through hard times, and I felt good to know that I was helping them. God likes when we give, and it was important for our school to help. 

It made me happy to get to help organize the supplies for families. I think the people who got the buckets felt happy to know they knew people cared for them. It was important that we brought buckets so we could show the light of Jesus and represent our school well.

What a joy to pull together in this way and see our whole school involved in such a meaningful service learning project. Thank you for partnering with us to respond to the victims of Harvey & Irma by meeting needs in the name of Jesus Christ!