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Lunch Lately

September 25, 2017
By Cathy Haynie

The homemade pizza, popcorn chicken, fresh fruit cup, the grilled cheese… the answers vary depending on the day, but it is a sure thing that everyone has a favorite. Some always have a salad at their place, others an ice cream bar, and others always, always have the crispy chicken sandwich (a.k.a. the CCS!)

I have started the year off in a special way having lunch with different classes. What a joy! We talk about science and recess and the new art teacher (they love) and of course, the food. I watch what they order, what they throw away (not much), and ask what they think about all the upgrades to the cafeteria.

And on it goes, “I like it all.” “Everything is good.” “I can’t wait to try the wraps.” “ Have you seen those giant rice krispie treats?” “I am glad the chicken fingers are back.” “Breakfast is still my favorite.” “Have you tried the mango pops?” “The choices! So many choices.”

Today, I got to dine with Mrs. Brown’s class and Mrs. Eatherly’s. Last week it was 2nd and third, (and opening ketchup packets for the sweet one with a broken arm), before that it was Middle School teachers, and Middle School girls. The conversation is sweet- I do love to hear how they love their school, and there is such kindness being shown to our new students. “Sit by me!” Two new ones showed me how they know the names of in their class- such fun. But the food!

There is a noticed enthusiasm in the cafeteria about all the entree choices, the quality, choosing your own sides, and seeing old favorites mixed with new things. I love seeing students opt for the fresh fruit, the salad, a bottle of water, or the fresh toppings bar. Of course they also love the baked goods and fudgesicles. Our Lunch provider, Mr. Blake Morris, along with our school leaders, spent a good bit of time over the summer getting ready to roll out these enhancements, including a new ice cream freezer, toppings bar, and the many, many choices.

These upgrades were in response to our parents and our students- your ideas, suggestions, and desires. It was worth it. Visit the Warrior Cafe Menu and pick your favorite.

Have you tried the lunch lately?