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Stewarding God’s Resources

April 05, 2017
By Lane Beasley

Stewarding God’s Resources

As a child, I played Dixie Youth Baseball. Our complex was behind “The Moose Lodge” (pronounced the ‘moos-lodge’) in Gallman, Mississippi. I batted left and threw right, making me a favorite target of many young pitchers who hadn’t quite figured out that the strike zone was still in the same place. My Dad, who was the local Minister of Music in our hometown, was my baseball coach for most of my playing days.

One of my favorite memories associated with Dixie Youth Baseball was enjoying the ride out to games or practices with my Dad. We would roll down the windows in my grandfather’s old Ford truck and enjoy the smell of freshly cut hay that greeted us on the road leading out to the fields. I can’t remember any specific conversations now but looking back, I value the quality time we would spend together going to or coming from the ball field for practices or games.

Besides getting pegged by 10-year-old pitchers, one of my least favorite memories from Dixie Youth Baseball was the annual fundraiser that required each player to sell a certain number of raffle tickets. The sheer thought of asking people for money left a pit in my stomach that, at the time, only rivaled my fear of the dark and the monsters under my bed. Fortunately for me, my parents would buy my required allotment of tickets because they viewed it as their way to support the local league that benefitted so many families in our area including our own.

With regard to my dread of asking others for money, it would seem that God has a sense of humor with the irony of my professional calling as a Kingdom Fundraiser. So what changed in my transformation from a boy who was too afraid to ask his elderly neighbor to buy a $10 raffle ticket? My understanding. As a child, I viewed the raffle ticket transaction as extremely one-sided. My limited perspective was that my gain was their loss, and it made me feel bad.

Psalm 24:1 says, “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it”. As followers of Jesus, we have voluntarily surrendered our rights and submitted ourselves to our Lord. Our life is no longer our own; everything we once called “ours” is now really “His”. We are merely stewards of the time, talent, and treasure God has entrusted to our personal care.

As the Advancement Director at Christ Covenant School, I actually get the privilege of seeing people delight in making a financial gift to our school. Many times I hear, “It’s my pleasure!” or “I wish we could give more.” They enjoy it! Regardless of the amount, believers experience joy when they practice Biblical stewardship. It is a tangible expression of our own personal obedience as we use the resources God has entrusted to us to advance His gospel in the world.

I personally give to CCS because I believe our school is truly advancing the gospel by preparing our young Warriors to engage a culture with the love of Christ that is increasingly hostile toward Christianity. To me, supporting the work God is doing on our campus is a worthy investment of the resources He has entrusted to Laura and I that will reap eternal dividends and bring Him glory forever. I can’t think of a better way to invest what He has given to us!

We are in the midst of several fundraising efforts including Spring Swing, The Wacky Warrior Color Run, and the Spring Warrior Shoot. You may choose to participate in one, two, or all three of these events. However you participate, it is my hope you will do so with excitement to join in the work God is doing in the hearts and lives of our students at CCS.