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This Season of New

January 11, 2018
By Cathy Haynie

After returning from Christmas break, we find ourselves in the ‘Season of New’. A new calendar year, a new semester, new year’s resolutions, and we’ve even added some new students to our classrooms. The Fall semester was so much fun with field trips, wonderful class content, successful athletics (Go Warriors!), and quite a few special events. Backyard Blast, Back to School Night, and Fall into Fun are some of my favorites. Our teachers and leaders have been busy ensuring that everything goes as it should, that students are growing and learning and adjusting; that students are being stretched spiritually and academically.

This academic year, we’ve added more than 80 new students, a few new faculty and staff, but no new faces on our Leadership Team. Last year, our Lower School Division Head, Mrs. Jill Moran, retired after serving CCS 15 years and the education community for almost 45. Rather than filling her position, we mixed things up a bit by taking a whole school approach. Instead of focusing on each division entirely separate, we have our eyes on impacting all of the school culture, ensuring that transitions between grades and divisions are smooth and that CCS is a strong and nurturing place to learn, grow, work, minister, play, worship…

We have seen great benefits from transitioning to this whole school strategy throughout the Fall semester and look forward to the continued benefits moving forward!

Your CCS Leadership Team

How can we serve you? If you need help with a question or concern, we want you to feel sure that you know where to turn. We always encourage that you start with your child’s teacher, but if you need additional help, these leaders are here for you. If you need help or input regarding your child’s academics or classroom, contact Suzanne Smith, our Dean of Faculty and Academics. If you need help or have questions about behavior, attendance, or uniforms (things outside of the academic classroom), Malcolm Saxon, Dean of Students, is your person.

Questions about your preschooler or school readiness? Lanelle Fincher, Preschool Director

Need help with technology? Brandon Slay, Technology Director

Have an announcement for the school? Heatherly Edgar, Communications Director

Fundraising and special events? Lane Beasley, Advancement Director

Team sports and athletics question? Mark Wootton, Athletic Director

Student clubs, trips, and activities? Cheri Creel, Student Activities Director

Afterschool care and summer program? Joanna McCallister, Outback Director

Prospective family, Admissions criteria, and uniform assistance? Martha Maxey, Admissions Director

It is a joy for this group, and for me, to serve you and the CCS community. The Lord has blessed Christ Covenant School, and we are truly excited about all that is going on in the hearts and minds of our students.