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Who Influences Your Child The Most?

January 31, 2018
By Cathy Haynie

Parents? Peers? Preachers? The answer may surprise you.

Paul David Tripp says in his devotional book, New Morning Mercies, “No one is more influential in your life than you, because no one talks to you more than you do.”

Tripp makes the case that we are constantly thinking and constantly interpreting the world around us. We all have a worldview, a grid from which we see the world and make sense of our life. We all have things we believe to be true, and we make decisions about everything in our day and in our life from what we believe, from what we tell ourselves.

Self talk is extremely important to all of us, but it is not to be missed in the growing child. It is not enough for parents to influence what peer group is around their young children, or to monitor what they watch on TV, or to be sure they are hearing a Sunday School lesson. We must influence how our children think about themselves and the world around them- and ultimately what they tell themselves.

Children who grow up with true understanding that they are made in the image of God, unique and wonderfully made, with a purpose and gifts and struggles and particular looks, grow up with an assured self talk that helps them make sense of the world.

When our students are faced with tough issues like bullying, casual drug use, suicide, promiscuity, and life’s disappointments, as well as topics like creation, evolution, and salvation, they must have a strong worldview in which to think and respond- and talk to themselves.

At Christ Covenant School we want to teach children to talk to themselves with truth, with the gospel, with self care, and understanding of others. Of course our students experience strong academics, activities, athletics, and technology, but aren’t there many school choices to help achieve these goals? Worldview, however, is everything. It defines us at Christ Covenant School.

It is our pleasure to partner with our CCS parents in the Christ-centered education of their children. We invite our families to share this blog post with friends and ask that important question- As you consider your child and their future, who is partnering with you to shape the way your child will speak to themselves?

The world is ready for your children. We want to help prepare your children to be ready for the world. Come and see what a difference a distinctively Christ-centered education can make.  Please visit our Admission webpage to schedule your personal tour today.

In those moment-by-moment conversations, what are you saying to you?” (Tripp)