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Why does CCS offer standardized testing?

January 22, 2018
By Suzanne Smith

CCS administers standardized tests each spring, because we want to track CCS students’ learning progress in as many different ways as possible. We do this to provide the most accurate representation of our students' academic growth. Standardized tests compare our students’ academic performance to the performance of students of the same age and grade levels across the country.

Our school uses the Terra Nova, Third Edition Achievement Test in all grade levels, and we carefully track each grade, each subject, and each student in order to work appropriately for success. Just as a well-informed report informs you of your child’s areas of strength and opportunities for improvement, the report also informs our Leadership Team of overall areas of strength and areas for improvement as a school, helping us to determine areas of emphasis.

The Big Picture

CCS achievement test scores from the past school year are excellent. We saw particularly high scores in the core subject areas of reading, spelling, language, vocabulary, and math. While such high scores are a credit to our students, teachers, and curriculum, it is also a strong credit to our partnership with you as parents. We know you are deeply committed to the academic well-being of your children, and that partnership is vital to the success of your individual students, as well as the entire program.

Noteworthy Points of Comparison from 2016-2017

Comparing National Percentile scores, CCS overall scored in the 88th percentile, meaning that CCS scored at or above the score of 88% of students nationwide.

Comparing National Percentile of the Mean NCE scores to the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), which are schools most like CCS, and our best point of comparison, CCS scores are higher than ACSI schools in the Southeast and the nation.

CCS students are classified as proficient or high-proficient across the board. We were particularly pleased to see both kindergarten and first grade as "advanced" in reading. While advanced is not uncommon for individual students, it is rare for an entire grade to receive that classification...and we earned that rating in two grades!

Our Goal

It is our goal to continue seeking excellence at Christ Covenant School and to see scores continue to remain in the proficient, high-proficient, and even advanced levels. It is exciting to see our students progressing so well in academics, but even more to see them grow in their understanding of Jesus Christ. What a blessing it will be to watch how the seeds sown in their hearts now will impact their lives forever.

What good is it for man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul? Mark 8:36